Focuses on the meaning, content, structure, style, and organization of a whole piece—the big picture. I suggest changes to simplify logical flow, clarify point of view, and keep tone true to the author’s voice. A letter to the client with detailed recommendations is included.


Corrects spelling, grammar, punctuation, and usage. I apply (or create) the client’s style sheet and may perform a line edit to enhance phrasing and rhythm at the sentence and paragraph levels. The goal is text that’s error-free but also a pleasure to read and easy to understand.


Finds and marks any remaining errors and inconsistencies in text, format, and layout. For guidance I consult The Chicago Manual of Style or another stylebook chosen by the client. I can make changes directly in text or mark up the document with traditional proofreader’s marks.

These services may overlap. After I see a sample of your work, we can discuss what kind of editing it calls for. Each project is unique! See the Pricing page for information on my rates.

Note on AI-generated content: These days many writers use artificial intelligence tools to get started on their projects. But any text produced that way will need editing to ensure it is coherent, logical, focused on the client’s message, and factually accurate.