In his work for Managed Editing Inc., Gordon provides expert copyediting and proofreading for a wide variety of clients, each with different needs and expectations—from proofing simple brochures to elevating the expression of writers whose first language isn’t English. Beyond producing “clean” (error-free) documents, Gordon has a knack for making subtle changes that clarify meaning or emphasize a point without overshadowing the writer’s voice. He quickly grasps project requirements, asks the right questions when necessary, and meets deadlines with cheer and professionalism. We’re delighted to have him on our team.

Renee Pendleton

President, Managed Editing Inc.

Gordon provided prompt, professional feedback that helped to accentuate the style of my novel while cleaning it up for the publication process. His keen editorial eye, in combination with a willingness to engage with the broader aims of a project, makes him the perfect partner for tightening up a manuscript, fiction or otherwise. With a friendly demeanor and effortless clarity in communication, Gordon makes editing pleasant, and I look forward to working with him again!

Sam Verney


Gordon has a real attention to detail that could be seen in the documentation that he created. In working with our business he had a complete commitment not only to delivering quality work but also to ensuring it was completed timely. His written communications were very clear and easy to understand for both IT and business partners. He is always committed to his objectives and overall a pleasure to work with.

Jen Robert

Release Train Engineer & Product Manager, Evernorth

Gordon edited a booklet I produced, “Having a Learning Disability: A School Psychologist–Student Dialogue.” Working just from interviews he conducted with the two subjects, he did a beautiful piece of editing, weaving together our two points of view. We appreciated Gordon’s sophisticated level of expertise and gentle persuasion. He polished our booklet to perfection in a timely manner and even made it fun!


School Psychologist, in private practice